Mystery Plant # 1
Acacia podalyriifolia (Fabaceae)

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Mystery plant #1

entire specimen (pictured with U.S. penny)
(actual height of specimen as pictured: approx. 250 cm)

Mystery plant #1 submitted by: Forest Starr & Kim Martz

This specimen was collected on 07 January 1999 at Found on 07 January 1999 across from 280 Waipoli Rd., Kula, Maui (Hawaii, USA) at approximately 3300' (approx. 1000m) elevation. The single plant observed was apparently planted as a specimen plant; total height about 2m; no reproduction was noted.

Feedback from viewers:

Peter Bostock (Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium) said: "I've shown your pictures of the '?A. podalryriifolia or A. myrtifolia' to Mr Les Pedley (Australian Acacia expert, Queensland Herbarium now retired, but still here working on Acacia for Flora of Australia) and he states 'definitely Acacia podalyriifolia'. Distinguishing features: glaucous pod with transverse seeds plus the appearance of the plant in the first image. If you want additional information, contact me and I can pass your email onto Les. If you would like to see scanned images of some of our specimens, just ask!" (ref.: e-mail "Mystery plant #1" 20000327)

"Specimen was originally determined over the internet to be A[cacia] podalyriifolia by Kate Blood (Australia). Specimen was sent to BISH who forwarded to Dr. Gwilym Lewis at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (Nov. 26, 2001) who came back with same ID (Acacia podalyriifolia A. Cunn. ex. G. Don)." (info from, ref. "ID for Mystery Plant 1" e-mail 20040729)

Thanks to Chris Buddenhagen (NZ DoC) for the possible IDs of "Acacia podalyriifolia? or Acacia myrtifolia?"... we're still looking for a more definitive ID, so if you know exactly what it is (or can tell us how to figure it out), please e-mail & let us know!

If you have further information about this plant--especially identification confirmation or knowledge/examples of its invasive potential--please e-mail !


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Mystery plant #1

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