Mystery Plant # 2
Bontia daphnoides Linn. (Myoporaceae)

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Mystery plant #2

entire specimen
(actual height of specimen as pictured: approx. 27 cm)

Mystery plant #2 submitted by: Forest Starr/Kim Martz, January 1999

This specimen was collected by Forest Starr & Kim Martz on 02 January 1999 at Fleming Beach (Kapalua, Maui [Hawaii, USA]) at sea level. It is apparently a landscape plant, planted as a hedge; no reproduction was noted.

Feedback from viewers:

Thanks to George Staples (Bishop Museum, Honolulu) and Gerry Carr (Department of Botany, University of Hawaii), who responded to our request for help in identifying this plant!

George Staples notes that this plant is "[n]ative to the Caribbean and cultivated in Hawaii."

If you have further information about this plant--especially identification confirmation or knowledge/examples of its invasive potential--please e-mail !


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Mystery plant #2

Mystery plant #2

Mystery plant #2

Mystery plant #2

Mystery plant #2

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