Mystery Plant # 34
Species: ???Jasminum polyanthum (aka Pink Jasmine or Winter Jasmine)
   Family: Oleaceae

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Mystery plant #34
??Jasminum polyanthum

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Mystery plant #34 submitted by: David Clausnitzer

(USDA-NRCS, Island of Hawaii)

This plant was found in mesic forest in Manuka NAR, Hawaii at about 1900 feet elevation.

Feedback from viewers:

Melanie Newfield, a weed ecologist with the New Zealand Department of Conservation, had this to say:
This does look very much like Jasminum polyanthum to me.
There are other Jasminum species with similar foliage (such as J.officinale), but I can't tell the difference without flowers. However I think that J.polyanthum is very likely, not just because the foliage is right, but the growth habit shown is exactly what this species does in New Zealand, and also J.officinale is more a cooler climate species than J.polyanthum.
J.polyanthum is an invasive species in New Zealand. It is invasive from Northland and at least as far south as Motueka (near Nelson in the South Island). The main means of spread is people, either by planting or by dumping stem fragments. Apparently it does produce some fruit in northern areas but I have seldom seen them and, so far, fruit are not important for the spread (although another invasive Jasminum, J.humile, spreads primarily by seed).

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Mystery plant #34


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