Mystery Plant # 35
?Vanda cf. tricolor (Orchidaceae)

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Mystery plant #35

flowers of HEAR mystery plant #35

Mystery plant #35 submitted by: Hank Oppenheimer & Greg Hansen

A "weedy orchid"; Hank Oppenheimer says they "recently...found a monster plant smothering an Antidesma or ohia tree in the middle of nowhere [ed.: presumably on West Maui]. It obviously started as an epiphyte and [is] quite old. I think there's more than one. Fern Duvall says this species is widely used in [Hawaii] to create hybrids. Of 2 cuttings we took, Greg had recently flowered [sic]; they are pleasantly fragrant." (01DEC2004)

Feedback from viewers:

Hank Oppenheimer & Greg Hansen (submitters) thinks it's "Vanda cf. tricolor," but would like a more definitive opinion.

If you have further information about this plant--especially identification confirmation or knowledge/examples of its invasive potential--please e-mail !


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Mystery plant #35

Mystery plant #35

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