Mystery Plant # 4
Atriplex suberecta I. Verdoorn (Chenopodiaceae)

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Mystery plant #4

Mystery Plant #4

Mystery plant #4 submitted by: Forest Starr & Kim Martz

This specimen was collected near Kanaha Pond, Maui (Hawaii, USA) growing out of the sand, just above sea level.

Feedback from viewers:

"Derral Herbst (BISH) sent it off to Stanley Welsh (BRY) who identified it as 'Atriplex suberecta I. Verdoorn'." (, 29JUL2004)

?Atriplex sp.?, ?Chenopodium sp.? (Forest Starr/Kim Martz, 25Mar2000,; ?Chenopodium album?, ?Chenopodium murale?, ?Atriplex sp.? (Sandy Lloyd, 25Mar2000,

One respondent said: "Your mystery plant # 4 is without a doubt an Atriplex sp. It is very difficult to say from the picture but the plant resembles to Atriplex muricata H & B, a Mexican weed that grows in salty soils. Here in Mexico, that species is not economically important. It may be worth to check to see if your mystery plant is A. muricata using Hall & Clements (1923) Carng. Inst. Wash. Pub. 326: 235-346." (ref.: e-mail "Mystery plant #4" 20000326)

"...mystery plant #4 came back as Atriplex sp. from the Bishop [Museum] folks and was sent off to a specialist." -Forest Starr & Kim Martz, 31 October 2001

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Mystery plant #4

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