Mystery Plant # 7
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Mystery plant #7

Mystery plant #7 (Perth)

Mystery plant #7 submitted by: Sandy Lloyd (

Hi Everyone, please see a suspect new weed found between Goomalling and Northam (about 100 km from Perth), we would appreciate any suggestions for what it might be, thanks! The longest leaf at the base is about 55mm long, the whole thing is about 155mm long, I know I'm asking a lot but hoping somebody will recognise it, we have marked the site where it was found and will continue to observe it until it flowers. regards, Sandy ( (msg received via e-mail 20030812)

We'd appreciate your help in identifying this plant! If you know what it is, please e-mail & let us know!

Feedback from viewers:

One respondent said: "I think it might be plantain (not the banana kind), a perennial, but sometimes an annual with rosette of broad leaves, 3 to 6 inches long. I live in Ontario, Canada, and it's very common here. In October, when it's past frost here, it will send up pencil shaped flowers and unsighly seed heads from June to October. Latin name: Plantago major." (ref.: "ID for Mystery Plant 7" e-mail 29072004) One respondent said: "Try Plantago major, common name - broad leaved plantain, Plantaginaceae family. [sp. ed./pt]" (ref.: "ID for Mystery Plant 7" e-mail 20040405)

If you have further information about this plant--especially identification confirmation or knowledge/examples of its invasive potential--please e-mail !


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