Natural Areas of Hawaii

Laysan Albatross
Laysan albatross soaring, Midway Atoll

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Papahanaumokuakea)

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI), now part of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, are remnants of high islands once located where the main Hawaiian Islands are today.  These small islands contain abundant plant, insect, bird, and marine life, and are all protected as wildlife refuges.  The information presented here is the result of work by Forest Starr and Kim Starr.  Most of the Midway information was gathered on a volunteer trip for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service over three months in spring-summer of 1999.  Information from Pearl and Hermes, Lisianski, Laysan, Gardner Pinnacles, and Tern Island / French Frigate Shoals is the result of a 3 week boat trip in 1999, while working as deck hands aboard the SS Midway for Tokyo Broadcast Service.  Information from Kure is the result of a week long botanical survey done in spring of 2001 for the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, with support from the United States Geological Survey.



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